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Bowing Walls

We Can Fix Bowing Walls

Have you noticed bowing walls in your basement? Surprisingly, many concrete basement walls are susceptible and prone to bowing. More often than not, water pressure building up in the soil outside of the walls of the foundation is the cause of this. A bowing wall could potentially collapse and lead to a very expensive damage repair bill for you and your home. Fortunately, we offer a variety of repair methods for your bowing, leaning or tilting walls! Not only that, but all of our systems and methods are also backed by a trusted warranty. We offer wall anchors for serious bowing, carbon fiber reinforcement for problems at the top of a wall, and I-beam reinforcements which use a spring system to lift and stabilize walls. Furthermore, our expert contractors can provide a FREE inspection to determine the best system based on your needs.

If there is a serious bow in the middle of the wall, then wall anchors are a great solution. We install them by digging away the soil near the outside of the wall and then installing the base of the anchors deep into the ground at a 20-degree angle. Afterwards, the end of the wall anchor is secured by attaching a steel plate to the basement wall. Wall anchors repair serious bowing and very effectively prevent future wall movement caused by pressure from outside soil. The steel plate pushing against the wall cancels out the hydrostatic pressure from the soil outside the wall.

If you are finding issues with bowing walls in your home, then contact Foundation RESQ today to learn more about our bowing wall repair services. Our trained and certified contractors offer complete home inspections at no cost to homeowners and businesses in areas of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Bowing Walls