Here are reviews from Foundation RESQ customers regarding work our Team performed in their home or business. We pride ourselves on using amazing products, providing complete solutions and supporting our installations with incredible service.

Learned a Lesson  

We had some cracks in our home that continued to get larger. A friend and myself tried to fix the issue ourselves, but we noticed the issue continued to get worse. Foundation ResQ quickly identified the issue and provided an affordable option. They even fixed the mess we made with our "DIY" repair. Would hire again.

Randy & Janet S.    Montgomery, AL 36103    Foundation   
Customers are taken care of  

I met with a few foundation companies before settling on Foundation RESQ. Chad came out to inspect our foundation, and saw a couple things that the other guys missed. He tailored the job for our specific needs, and even custom fabricated a bracket to ensure that the job was done right. He was upfront with us, so there were no surprises at the end. Him and his crew went out of their way to make sure my wife and I were happy with the work they did. Chad also assisted us in finding a landscaper to repair the work area. It's nice to see a company take pride in their work, while making sure their customers are taken care of by going above and beyond. Will definitely recommend.

Jason T.    Tallahassee, FL 32304    Foundation Repair   
Musty Odors  

Highly Recomend Foundation ResQ. They have gotten rid of the musty odors and allowed us to have a little extra storage space again with our crawl space!

Robert C.    Tallahassee, FL 32304    Crawl Space   
Excellent Service  

I don't normally go online and do reviews, but these guys are awesome. I would like to say that I would do business with them again, but they did such a good job, that I don't think they will need to come back. They didn't come into the house and try to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't need. They showed me the problems and explained to me my options. I never felt pressured to go with the highest priced options......they even took care of a few minor repairs of things that popped up unexpectedly while making the "quoted" repairs (and my overall bill didn't change). They have made a point to reach out to me multiple times (without being annoying, or giving the feeling they are trying to sell me anything), to check on the system, or to make sure everything is running the way I want. Bottom line, I can't name many times that a company has provided this kind of service after the sale. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone (friend/family, etc). I know I am rambling at this point in the review, but I almost feel like I haven't said enough good things about them. If you need this type of service, CALL THEM, or you will most likely regret going with anyone else.

Eric B    Tallahassee, FL 32304    Hassle Free   
Saved us Money  

Foundation ResQ quoted us the cost to use their concrete leveling & lifting foam service. When we compared that to the cost of replacing the concrete we were shocked at how much money Foundation ResQ would save us. Thank you!

Tom & Jane F.    Jacksonville, FL 32201    Concrete Leveling Foam   
Basement Flooding  

We found standing water in our basement. Out of all the companies we called Foundation ResQ was honest and did not try to sell us unnecessary work. They discovered our old sump pump was no longer functioning and simply replaced it. The basement has been dry ever since.

Angela C.    Columbus, GA 31801    Sump Pump