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Epoxy Wall Coatings

Do you want to prevent the formation of mold and improve the look of your basement?

The walls of many foundations are not properly protected or coated to prevent potential problems from arising. This causes the walls to act like a sponge, soaking up excess water from the outside and then leaching it into the home. As a result, this results in stained and discolored walls, and can cause the formation of potentially hazardous mold and mildew. At Foundation RESQ, we have the answer to your problems with our epoxy wall coating service.

Our Epoxy Wall Coatings are the Answer!

Are you tired of dealing with nasty walls? Do you want to prevent seepage and further damage to your basement? If so, sealing your basement walls with our epoxy wall coating may be the best solution for you. We don’t recommend a DIY approach for wall coating. This is because some of the other methods for waterproofing from home improvement stores tend to peel, bubble, or discolor over time. Our epoxy wall coating forms a very strong bond to walls and the rest of the basement foundation resisting up to 40 PSI of pressure. And for mold prevention, our epoxy contains a mold inhibitor.

The epoxy wall coating provides a beautiful finish that transforms the look of your basement and also protects you against moisture, mold, and other hazardous conditions arising from basement walls. When you pair our epoxy wall coating with our other waterproofing services, your home will be a safe, secure, and dry place to live. Let us help you make your home a better place for your family.

Are you ready to seal your walls and give your lower level a makeover? We hope you consider us when you want a durable and effective wall coating service. We back all of our repairs, systems, and methods with a trusted warranty. If you are noticing discoloration, seepage, or mold on your walls, then contact Foundation RESQ for a free inspection today. We proudly service homeowners and businesses in areas of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Epoxy Wall Coatings