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Sump Pump Repair Services

A sump pump is the key to a dry and protected basement or crawl space. The sump pump is the heart of any waterproofing system, working to remove water from the basement of the house. This is important because a few inches of water in your basement or crawl space can be a major expense. It can also cause damage to your home’s foundation, or dangerous mold and mildew.

How does a sump pump work?

A sump pump typically consists of two parts: a float switch and a mechanical pump. This mechanism is placed in a pit at the lowest level of a home’s basement. When water finds its way into your basement and the level rises, it will eventually lift the float switch high enough to activate the pump. The water is then pumped out of your basement through a discharge pipe.

Why does a sump pump fail?

A sump can prevent flooding, excess moisture and damage to personal belongings, but there are three main reasons why a pump might fail:

  1. Loss of power
  2. The float switch used to activate the pump is not working
  3. Your current sump pump just cannot handle the amount of water coming inside your home

While Foundation RESQ can’t control power outages, we can make sure your sump pump and all of its parts are in peak condition.

We offer free sump pump inspections to homeowners in areas of Alabama, Florida and Georgia. If there is water present in your home, then contact us. After all, being proactive now is the key to saving money in the future.

Sump Pump Repair