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Concrete Lifting & Leveling Services

If you notice that your concrete slab has cracks and is sinking, it can be a big red flag of a more serious structural issue going on. In addition to making your home or neighborhood look bad, the uneven surfaces that result from a sunken slab pose a real safety risk and tripping hazard. It may be time for professional concrete lifting and leveling services.

Why did my slab sink in the first place?

There are two likely situations that can occur. First, the concrete slab has pushed down on the soil and caused it to sink, or second, the soil has become eroded. Oftentimes, the solution for sinking concrete is to demolish the damaged area completely and pour  brand new concrete. This method is expensive and can take a long time to complete.  It also does not solve the problem permanently. If the soil was weak from the start, it will only weaken further under the weight of the new concrete.

How do I fix my sinking slab quickly and cost-effectively?

At Foundation RESQ, we offer a method of repair known as concrete lifting and leveling. Not only is it more cost effective, it can also restore a sinking slab to its original position in under an hour. Used in both residential and commercial applications, our concrete lifting and leveling service involves drilling one or more small holes in the sunken part of the slab. Then, we inject an expanding foam beneath the slab. As this foam begins to expand, the slab is pushed back to its original position.

Not only is this method of repair safe for the environment, it is virtually mess-free and very durable. It is the perfect application for sunken basements, patios, driveways, and commercial buildings such as factories. If you suspect your concrete slab is cracked and sinking, contact Foundation RESQ today. We offer free inspections for homeowners and businesses in areas of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Concrete Lifting And Leveling Services