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Discharge Line Protection

A possible solution for your basement flooding

The sump pump discharge line is one of the top reasons why basements flood in the winter months. It’s most likely due to snow plows pushing snow against the water in the outlet line coming from your gutters. This means the water from your sump pump has nowhere to go and it eventually backs up into your basement. You want a solution that effectively protects your discharge line. You don’t want to lose precious valuables and belongings due to a basement flood. We have the best solution for you.

We have a simple solution that protects you and your basement. It’s a Freeze Relief device. We install the Freeze Relief device outside of your home where the sump pump line exits and joins the discharge line. When Freeze Relief is in place, water from the sump pump is able to exit through slots that cannot freeze or clog. We highly recommend Freeze Relief to all of our customers because it provides the best protection against frozen or clogged discharge lines. Freeze Relief is definitely something that we also recommend installing for anyone who is installing an interior waterproofing system, or is replacing their sump pump.

One of our expert contractors can provide a free inspection to determine if you need discharge line protection based solely on your needs. All of our repairs, systems, and methods are backed by a trusted warranty. If you are noticing freezing, broken, or clogged discharge lines, then contact Foundation RESQ for a free inspection today. We proudly service homeowners and businesses in areas of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Discharge Line Protection