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Sump Pump Installation in Columbus, GA


The homeowner, Angela, called Foundation ResQ because she was dealing with leaky basement. She stated that she had some standing water and she needed an urgent resolution. She’s had her sump pump for 9 years and believes that it’s time to replace it. She said during heavy rains is when she really sees water infiltration the most. She’s tired of having excavation and water removal companies come out and would rather fix the known issue. She scheduled an evaluation to find a solution to her faulty sump pump.


Foundation ResQ sent a qualified sump pump specialist out for an evaluation of the leaky basement.  The urgency of the homeowner was enough for our specialist to evaluate with a clear objective. The objective was to locate the issue in the old sump pump find a replaceable solution. After the evaluation, the specialist determined, the sump pump needed to be replaced. The sump pump was no longer pushing the water out at the rate required for the home not to flood. A brand new sump pump would ensure gallons upon gallons of water is pumped out correctly. Angela was ready to proceed because she didn’t want to wait until the next heavy rain. Foundation ResQ sent an installation specialist to ensure everything was installed correctly. Angela was extremely happy, because Foundation ResQ addressed a serious concern in her home.

Project Details

ClientAngela C.
LocationCoulumbus, GA 31801