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Crawl space Encapsulation In Tallahassee, FL 32304


The homeowner called Foundation ResQ because, he was dealing with multiple issues in his crawl space. He complained of his crawl space having musty and damp odors. He also complained that insects were inhabiting the space as well. Robert wanted to make his crawl space an extra storage area to store some of his things. His crawl space had been this way for a while and he was concerned there was nothing he could do to enhance it. He said the Florida heat some days makes the odors a lot to tolerate. He even spotted mold in his crawl space and it prompted him to call in. He scheduled an evaluation with \Foundation ResQ to find a solution to his crawl space needs.


Foundation ResQ sent a qualified professional out for an evaluation of the crawl space. The objective was to locate the issues and suggest the best solution moving forward. After a thorough evaluation, a crawl space encapsulation was suggested. A crawl space encapsulation is where the area is lined with a vapor barrier to seal out dampness, eliminate insects, odors, and provide homeowners with a livable space. It also lines the walls with a mold resistant barrier that will eliminate the presence of mold and keep it from coming back. Once all of this was explained, the homeowner consented to move forward with the project. The installation process was a success and pleasing to the time frame of the homeowner. Foundation ResQ gave the homeowner the peace of mind that he sought for on the initial phone call. He was able to see his crawl space transformed into the storage space that he desired,by way of Foundation ResQ.

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ClientRobert C.
LocationTallahassee, FL 32304